Leadership Team


Vince G.

aka the Dreamer

BizClip CEO Vince leads our team with his heart & dreams. Having founded this company nearly a decade ago, Vince continues to push toward greater opportunities.

"It's been absolutely rewarding to serve the business world through our unique video marketing model", Vince explains. With BizClip's current offerings & dedicated team efficiently streamlined, Vince trusts that the company can take its next big leap by diversifying its talents & enter the world of scripted film & series content.

Vince's love of movies encouraged him years ago to nurture his passion & talent for Screenwriting, allowing for this ambitious pursuit.

"After serving up 30,000 video ads worldwide, I believe anything is possible! The fact is being a writer is something I've always felt deep inside. I'm blessed to have the support of our team, taking a leap of faith along side me."

Thus far it's been an adventure & if you have a whole afternoon (his tales can be somewhat long winded - lol) Vince can dazzle you with stories! Like that one time he didn't know for sure if the guy in disguise at the bar was Johnny Depp or not, but still pitched him his script, while trying not to blow his cover!


Priya G.

aka Jill of all Trades

Operations is her game. From small business to corporate customers and everyone in between, Priya is here to make sure your project runs smoothly from beginning to end.

An expert multi-tasker and always customer focused, she is dedicated to making sure all facets of the company are running efficiently. Plus someone has to keep these guys in check!

When she isn’t trying to figure out ways to make the company more efficient, she is cheering on her Blue Jays or out enjoying everything Hamilton has to offer.


Aaron B.

aka The Wizard

In charge of our post production team, Aaron is the go-to guy when it comes to all things editing. An experienced animator, he can help you produce anything from animated graphics to full CGI. His beatboxing skills are also a solid 4.5 out of 10 on a scale he himself created.

With a creative mind and one of the best work ethics around, Aaron always adds his editing magic to any project he is working on. Just check out his annual passion project of the Company’s Holiday Video – it is always a big hit!

If, by some crazy chance, you don't find him in the office working, it's because he has convinced the whole team to go for a sushi lunch (again).


Corey M.

aka Mr. 3000

Why Mr. 3000 you ask? Corey has edited 3000 videos during his years here at BizClip. Well actually it's over 4100 now, but Mr. 4100 doesn't quite roll off the tongue.

As part of our editing team, Corey continues to produce content that impresses our clients day after day. With an eye for detail and an ever growing skill set that makes him so versatile, he is always ready to enhance your video to make it stand out.

With a passion for photography, he is usually out capturing stunning photos on his time off, trying local food or catching a Raptors game.

FYI: We are 0 for 2 when it comes to getting out of those 'escape room' games. We know how to make great videos, but damn, we cannot figure out how to open a door in under an hour!

Network of Freelancers

For nearly a decade, we have built a network of videographers and photographers across Canada and the United States. Our local teams in each city, allow us to capture footage and images nearly anywhere in North America with minimal to no travel fees.

We take pride in our versatility and expansive network and we always include the right people for your project. Our network allows us to be scalable from a solo photographer to a multi-dimensional team, including camera, lighting, and sound professionals.