A Sit Down With BizClip CEO Vince

Bizclip CEO Vince

We sat down with our CEO Vince to learn more about his journey while building BizClip and his goals going forward.

Tell us a little about yourself?
The many stages of my life and development was a fairly normal journey – went to school, made my family proud, worked hard and achieved some accomplishments. I grew up in Hamilton, which provided for a fantastic childhood, with great friends and awesome memories. I was raised I a very supportive environment, appreciating where I come from and all the possibilities in where I can go, which is something that I take with me as I continue along my journey.

I’ve learned to focus less on external rewards and more on my personal growth. The truth is I’m a believer that anything is possible an am grateful for all my many and continuous blessings. In return, my appreciation for who I ultimately am is most reflected in sharing whatever blessings I can with others.

How did BizClip start and what made you want to start BizClip?
As a result of the influx of online videos that began to occur in 2006, BizClip started to meet this new need that was developing throughout the world of advertising. With a belief that this was a good investment and opportunity, I took a chance on entering into an untapped market. Luckily two vital things occurred to get off to a promising start:

A) Our company was able to land its first large contract with an established local corporate entity (who happened to be in the Online Directory Publishing Business) by offering our services through their sales channels
B) We were able to find extremely good people to help build our company from its humble beginnings.

From there, we just sent emails to other online directories to see if we could apply the same business model with other partners (when emailing was not considered spamming) and we landed another large contract in the United States. Organically we grew from word of mouth referrals, partnering with several leaders in the online directory industry in Canada and the United States.

What would you say most motivates you to do continue running this company?
This company was built on amazing people and I am grateful to everyone for all their tremendous efforts. Today I am motivated to ensure that the company expands and finds new ways of developing, just as all great companies must do. My hope is that we can establish a new branch within the company to bring together the amazing talents we have as a team and allow each member to grow and feel fulfilled within their roles. I’m excited about showcasing the additional tremendous talents of our team members that have been hidden from the world.

What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur?
Find your talent and focus on that 100%…People will eventually pay you for the things you took the time to nurture. Never become an entrepreneur to chase the money…the money will come from creating whatever business or product or service that only you can provide in your own special and unique way.

Blog_Vince_image_to_include_within3 Fun Facts about yourself
– If I’m the driver, everyone will be allowed on the bus!
– If I’m the bus, I will protect everyone who has hopped on for a ride!
– I like to be different, as is obvious in these responses – so be authentic, be yourself, and never let what anyone else says stop you!
– Bonus answer re: fun facts: because some people can’t handle ‘outside the box’ thinking…I love dancing in the rain!

What are some challenges you have faced throughout the years of running BizClip and how have you overcome them?
There is a lot of uncertainty that comes with running a business; where are your sales coming from, how will you meet payroll, is this the right decision just to name afew. Having faith, including faith in your team is what has gotten me through the challenging times.

What is your favourite memory of BizClip and why?
Equally it would be the annual staff Christmas parties and the annual Staff Summer picnics! It was during these celebrations that I realized what we had built and who these wonderful people were that grew to become more like family than employees.

What have you learned throughout the years of owning your own company?
Try & support your people as best you can- whatever storms ensue, meeting the challenge of diverse situations with a great team who believe in each other is the greatest way to endure.

What is your long term goal or aspiring dream?
I’m a lover of the arts and have been since I was a child. I’m not fully alive unless I’m engaging in my imagination and being creative in a number of different ways. The world of production has always been something close to my heart and the grandest of all productions are of course Hollywood movies! I not only have this passion, but I believe a true calling to the film industry. Although I love all aspects of the process from being in front of the camera to behind the camera, my number one love is that of the screenwriting process. There are so many buried stories inside of me that I must tell and must share with the world (each with its own inspiring message to teach the world that the hero’s in our stories are a reflection of what’s inside each of us) and that each of us can aspire to our own levels of personal greatness!